Dow Solar

James Taylor Construction is pleased to announce that we have been accepted by Dow Solar to be an authorized installer of its Dow Solar Powerhouse shingle.

The Dow solar shingle is the only solar panel grid system that actually takes the place of the shingle and intermingles with the roof. It lies flat with the existing shingles, producing power while offering an aesthetic and elegant solution to the standard solar roof panel.

Current federal and NC state tax credits offer a 65% tax credit for solar roof installations. This is an actual check from federal and state governments that you will receive if you submit a tax return or a tax reducing credit and owe taxes. Since a portion of the rest of the roof can be tied into this project, once the tax credits and power savings are realized, the average homeowner can potentially pay much less for the roof with the solar option than without it. From there, it’s free supplemental power year after year.

For years we have replaced roofs that had big, bulky solar panels which were usually thrown away at the request of the homeowner. Due to their unattractiveness, homeowners seldom requested another solar option. As a high quality roofing installer, we are very excited about the opportunity to offer a green solar solution that not only produces a return on investment of up to 15%, but also looks great and complements any roof.

Dow stands behind their solar shingle system by offering a 20-year weatherization warranty on the solar shingles. Its program only allows for a 10% decrease in output over 10 years and a 20% decrease over 20 years. If you assume that energy costs will rise a minimum of 3% per year due to inflation, the offset actually increases the savings on any utility bill year after year.

As you are considering trusting us in your decision to renovate your house, we ask you to allow us to demonstrate how this new product will save you money and offer you free power for years to come. We have signed on as an installer because we see the huge benefits that solar shingles can deliver to our customers.Please contact us at your convenience for a FREE consultation.

For more info, visit the Dow Solar website: